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Welcome to WareCon

WareCon is a diversified entrepreneurial venture that provides a broad spectrum of services, ranging from Web Development to maintenance of Web Sites and Web Applications to Workshops and migration to Open Source Environment. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive and fulfilling services by creating an ambiance of creativity and an approach towards seeking logical solutions to everyday problem.

We are passionate about loyalty and for partnering future growth with our customers. Is it a fresh look you’re looking for your website? Require a versatile and reliable software that can work accurately in real time environment? Want to spice up your website, make it more interactive or just more user friendly? We can do it all!


Our motive is to provide the most remarkable and fulfilling services to our customers by creating an ambiance of creativity and innovation.

One Stop Shop

WareCon provides you a platform to fulfill all your needs under the same roof. Be it a fresh look you’re looking for your website or a versatile and reliable software that can work accurately in real time environment or want to shift in an open source environment, We can do it all!

State Of The Art Technology

In this rapidly changing world the key for doing business is the ability to imbibe new technology

Customer Relationship

We understand the importance of nurturing relationships. The dedicated team of WareCon always strive to maintain long lasting relationship with the clients.

Our Strategy

Requirements Collection

To assemble client requirements and thoroughly analyze them, decipher the entire picture.

Deliver Prototype

Provide customer with a prototype so that client can get an idea of deliverable and provides changes if required.

Deliver Product for Acceptence Testing.

Product is delivered to client before deadline to enable accomplishment of changes on time (if any).

Final Product Delivery

Final product is delivered that stands upto customer's expectations on finishing date enabling the client to drive business.

Client Relationship Management

Maintenance and support on product, nurture healthy relations with client.

Why Choose Us?

Latest Technologies will be used in project development assuring it doesn't get outdated early. Significant effort and cost goes into project development thus technology used will be a key consideration
In today's competitive time where firms adopt inappropriate ways and breach their brand guidelines, we assure you that WareCon will abide all the guidelines and will not indulge in anything unethical. We promise to be honest with our clients and it is our foremost priority.
Necessary training along with the proper and complete documentation guide will be imparted to product user's thus eliminating unwanted dependency of client on the organization. This will also make it convenient for the client to approach any other firm if needed for modification/maintenance of product.
The activities performed by the firm will not harm the environment and society in any way. We will fulfill all our responsibilities towards environment and humanity. Contribution towards upliftment and welfare of society is a key objective of WareCon.
WareCon strongly believes in maintaining healthy and friendly relations with client organizations. We will always be ready to provide our support to the organization if required as we encourage 'upbringing of relations'.
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