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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the organic ranking of a website with leading search engines. Website rank is a very essential aspect for any kind of business whether it is small or a large scale company.

The two main factors considered by search engines when ranking websites are the placement of keywords in unique content on the site and the number of links to a website. Other important factors include link quality, internal site linking structure and the site's age.

Professional of WareCon will help to improve search engine rankings for the clients by modifying their websites to better reflect what search engines are looking for. In addition, our grasp of client industries and website configurations allows us to provide effective customized solutions and deliver long-term results.


Our Services

Many people think their job is done after the website is launched. Contrary to this belief, the real work actually begins after the launch of your website. Your website must be made visible among hundreds of your competitor websites. How do you achieve this?
We at WareCon can help you to reach your target audience by ranking your website in the top positions in major search engines like Goggle, Yahoo and Bing. We can make your dreams come true by exposing your website at the right places using organic methods which can bring long standing results.
Website ranking is all about the position of your website in the search engine results for a specific keyword. The major aim of search engine optimization is to increase the ranking of a website in search engine. Driving good traffic in the website is very essential to increase its sales and profit.
Natural traffic should be your top priority to increase the traffic as they can last for several months without banner ads or Google ad words campaign. Traffic will always remain consistent and only little effort is required to maintain it. At WareCon our expert team will help you to gain the natural traffic.
WareCon expert team will analyze your website from the performance to the rankings in several search engines like Google and yahoo. Our experts will give you a detailed statistics about your website that can provide you a new scope for increasing your business opportunities online.
Your report will also contain suggestions that can be done to improve the visibility of your website.
  • Design Analysis: Website design is very essential as it creates an impression in the minds of people who visit the website. Hence we give importance to web design as well while analyzing your website. A good design should be simple, attractive and compatible.
  • The Target Potential: Indentifying the target potential is very essential to improve your business methods. Hence we provide you with a detailed analysis of your target potential after getting valid suggestions from genuine customers to widen your business opportunity. This is very important to analyse the sales demand and needs in a specific region.
  • Search Engine Analysis: Analyzing your web page on the search engine is very essential to know how they place your website and the quantity of the external links available. This can help you find the search engines that provide you with true traffic and which one sends you bot to increase your traffic. This can also help you to verify your keyword research.
  • Keywords Used: Our report will include detailed information about the keywords used in the website and their frequency. Proper usage of keyword is very essential for a successful website to increase the sales and boost traffic. Hence our experts will analyse the keywords relevant to your business and find the one which attracts more traffic.
  • Problems with the Website: Are you facing any problems in your website? If yes our expert team of professionals will check for server problems and broken links in your website and get it fixed within a short span of time. Most of the time 404 error can occur on your website and our expert team will not only provide a quick solution but also ensure that future problems do not exist in your website.
Local search engine marketing is a very integral part of any business for getting local exposure and leads. It is very essential for business that targets local customers and audience for their products and service. Hence we at WareCon will help you with various local marketing techniques that can increase your popularity and drive organic traffic from local searches.
  • We help you to increase your ranking for local search results in various search engines like Google, yahoo and MSN
  • We analyze and provide you with a list of efficient local portals that can list your business services and products
  • We help you in providing local domain registration and hosting if you are particularly targeting local markets
  • Our WareCon expert team will help you to bid on ads relevant to your location to increase the traffic and leads from local customers
Content is king. SEO content writing involves the art of creating content for a website by using keywords in order to increase the page rang without interrupting the flow. Hence an SEO content writer will offer content that is attractive and understanding to the target audience thereby fetching a good page rank. WareCon offer a wide range of SEO content writing services like web content writing, blog writing, press release and technical content writing as per your needs and requirements
A detail analysis is prepared that includes the potential of the website that includes both paid and natural search traffic.
  • Determining the milestones and traffic growth curves
  • Initiating, managing and recording the traffic results with the help of the reports
You can now pay only for the results we obtain by using our increased website traffic building strategies. Are you looking for the right solution to increase your traffic? If yes then contact our WareCon expert team to get started.

Techs Used

Content Optimization

Unique, well-written and optimized content is critical to search engine marketing success. WareCon's content writers painstakingly craft informative and highly relevant content for your target audience while maintaining keyword densities and page lengths that satisfy the rules of search engine algorithms.

Internal Linking Structure Optimization

Developing a clear, easy-to-follow internal linking structure allows search engines to quickly find the internal links on your page. This maximizes the value from your link-building campaign.

Meta Data Optimization

Meta tags and descriptions work in conjunction with website content to boost rankings for selected keywords on a page.

HTML Code Optimization

WareCon uses the latest HTML development tools to ensure that the coding on your website is free from errors which can impact your rankings.

URL Optimization

Having the proper URLs will make your page friendlier to search engines. WareCon will ensure that your site is using the best URLs possible.

Sitemap Building and Submitting to Search Engines

Submit Express creates sitemaps, which allow search engines to find your content more easily. We also submit these sitemaps to the leading search engines.

Website Design Optimization

Graphics and layout impact your site’s SEO potential along with creating a pleasing visual look for visitors. WareCon can work with you to develop an optimal website design.

Link Building

Link building is the process of gaining high-quality inbound links pointing to your website. This is an important practice because search engines use link popularity -- the measure of the quality and quantity of links pointing to a site -- as a crucial external factor in ranking. However, not all links are equal. For example, to identify quality links and determine an individual page’s value, Google uses an algorithm called PageRank. Along with analyzing the number of links to a website, PageRank also considers the quality of the page that links to a website. Some effective link building strategies include article writing and submissions, blog writing, social bookmarking, social media profile creations, and link baiting.



Research and Analysis

Market analysis and keyword research is our first vital step to identify the industry forerunners and to access their competition against your products and services. Using this information we will make a strategy and find the right tools to work on your website to bring it to the top position. The estimated time and the traffic that can be expected will all be analysed by WareCon Expert team.

SEO optimization and Search Engine Positioning

Our professionals have unique SEO expertise which can rank your website in page 1 position very quickly. Our on-website Optimization, off website Optimization and link building techniques and industry related links submissions in both paid and free directories along with our professional SEO tools will optimize the website for the search engine positioning.

Link building and Off Site Optimization

The best off website optimization is the link building technique. Link building is important search engine optimization technique that is used to increase the page rank and search engine rankings of the websites. We at WareCon take special care to increase the sales and website ranking with the help of inbound links. We provide link building services based on your needs and requirements.

Online Tracking and Reporting

You can keep progress of the websites movement in the search engines and increased traffic flow through our unique online tracking reports. Our customer care is always functioning to take care of your queries and enquiries.

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